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Thank You!!

Corporate Donors to Cass Park Arena Enclosure Campaign



Ithaca Living Solutions              

Legacy Foundation                                 

Cornell University 

Taughannock Aviation   

Cayuga Medical Center

Guthrie Ithaca                                

Triad Foundation   

Travis Hyde Properties                                  

Tompkins Trust Company, Insurance Agencies, Financial Advisors

True Insurance                                      

CSP Management   

Ithaca City School District                 

CFCU Community Credit Union            

M&T Bank                                               

Instant Replay Sports                               

The State Diner                                   

Cayuga Landscape                                   

Chemung Canal Trust Company 

Tompkins Weekly, ESPN Radio

West Hill Graphics          

Therm, Inc.   

Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund    


Fontana Apartments       

Ithaca Beer                       

Swarthout Coaches                                  

Ithaca Coffee Company                          

BorgWarner Morse Systems                  

Sciarabba Walker                                     

McPherson Builders                                 

Ball of Energy                                             


Mansour Jewelers                                     

Diane’s Downtown Auto                        

Mahogany Grill                                      

Dr. Frank Piliero                                         

GrassRoots Festival                                   

George McGonigal                                      

Jay Williamson                                             

Illume Projects                                              

SASquier Consulting


Individuals and Families Supporting Enclosure Project


Please let us know if your name is missing or misspelled so we can fix this list!

Leonard Allan

Laura and Bob Andolina

Anonymous (8)

Anton Family

Cora and Jeff Armitage

Ethan and Rachel Ash

William Babuka

Amy Bach

Barbara Baird and David Holowka

Cristin and Todd Baker

Kevin Bangs

Casey Bangs

Jacqueline McDonnell Bangs

Christine Bataille

Carol and Ernie Bayles             

Daniel Barbash

Sara Barker

Melissa Barker

Cynthia Barker

Harriet and Franklin Becker

Randi Beckmann and John Hoffmann

Linda Bell

Barb and Brian Belyea

Karen Bennett

Joshua Bennett

Aidan Bennett

Richard Bennett

David Bennett

Debra Benson

Karen and Matt Besemer

Karen and David Blakeslee

Robert and Rita Boothroyd

Mary Bowler and Ken Jones

Robert Breiman

Beth and Peter Brennan

Kevin and Vicki Brew

Ron and Brenda Bricker

Gail Brisson

Wendell and Pamela Bryce

Susan Budney

Leslie K Danks Burke

Jill Burlington

Bridget Cafaro

Patrick Capruso

Gary and Rita Carlson

Kevin and Kelli Cartmill

Kristin Cerione

Sydney Chernish

Margot Chiuten

Jeff Christen

Karen Christianson

Daniel Cogan

Margaret and Tom Cole

Kimberly Collins

Community Foundation’s Taylor Peck Fund

Ezra and Daphne Cornell

Benjamin Cosgrove

Norm and CJ Croft

Amy and Peter Cronin

Crossroad the Clown

Julie Crowley

Carl Crumley

Philip and Virginia Dankert

Jennifer D’Esposito

Ronald DiNapoli

Barbara and Frank DiSalvo

Ron Dodson

Tammie Dodson

Mary Lou Dodson

Family Doerr

Eve Donnelly and Brian Kirby

Jeremy and Billie Downs

Geoff Dunn

Susan and Tim Durnford

Bridget and John Duthie

Evan Earle and Nichole Szembrot

Jody and Brian Earle   

Erica and Christine Eisenhut

Melissa O Enns

Cynthia Estes

Matthew and Madeline Estill

Helen S Evans

Ross Evancoe

Matthew Evangelista

David Evelyn and Jennifer Weinraub

David Feldshuh and Martha Frommelt

Silvia Ferrari

Brian Fiorello

Micah and Leo Fiorello

Marnie FitzMaurice Cryer

Eanna Flanagan

James Flanders and N Sydney Moise

Donna Fleming

Katie Foley

Steve and Carla Fontana

Hilary Fraser

Shane and Michelle French

Susan Nemeith Fulshaw

Jeff Furman and Sara Hess

Kristy Gabriel

John and Patricia Gaines

Patricia Gatto

Beth Gatto

John W Gephart

Rhonda and Jim Gilmore

Aaron Godert

Brenda Godert

Tracy Goodrich

Merri and John Goodrow

Karen Gorsky

John Gaines IV

Maura Grainger

Mary and Brad Grainger

Allen and Alice Green

Carolyn Greenwald

Stu and Joan Grinnell

Ann Harding and Christopher Grippin

Joanie Groome and Chris Irving

Dawn Grover

Monica J Hargraves

Thomas Hartshorne

Herbert Hartwig Jr.

Daniel Hazlitt

Janice Hertel

Jim Hynes

Allison and David Howe

Debra Howell and Tommy Stephens

Myra and Greg Hubbell

Kellie Hummell

Amy and Dave Iles

Chris Irving

The Jablonski Family

Margaret John-Testa

Richard and Vicki John

Susan Jones

Janet Jonson

Phyllis and Lanny Joyce

Michael Katz

Toshimitsu Kawate

Edward and Sonja Kelly

Janet Kiefer

Joseph and Patricia Kiely

Elizabeth Kinast

Eileen Kinast

Deanna Kline

Elizabeth Vance Klohmann

Kniffin Family

Irene Komor

Frances and Dexter Kozen

Marisa, Tom and Allegra LaFalce

Bruce and Heather Lane

Moira Lang

Bonnie Lefkowitz-White

Alison and Brent Lemberg

Rebecca Leshinski

Doug and Treva Levine

Bruce Lewenstein

Joshua Lind

Enid and Peter Littman

Mead Loop

Rick Manning

Brenda Marston

Lee-Ellen Marvin

Nancy E Massicci

Rosanne Mayer

Mary Maynard

Marshall McCormick

Peter McCracken

Fred and Elizabeth McLafferty

Daniel and Jean McPheeters

Emily and Joe Metz

Mark Milstein and Monica Touesnard

Dan and Mari Mitchell

Deborah and Robert Mitchell

Dawn Montanye

Pat and Richie Moran

Tanya Morrisett

Mudford Rickard Family

Patricia Musa

John Murphy

Susan Neely

Michael Neely and Mary Beth Ihken

Liana Nice

Rebecca and John Norman

Erin Oates

Dan Ostrom

Michael and Katrina Ouckama

Susan G. Parente

Lisa Pate

Kerry Pauldine

Stephanie Perine

Scott Pesner

Phi Gamma Delta

Francis and Susan Piliero

Bob and Marnee Pochily

Brent Pitzer Memorial Foundation

Ann Sampson Poe       

Richard Polenberg and Joan Spielholz

Deb Young Porter

Kate Potteiger

Elaine G Quaroni

Esther Racoosin and Eric Alani

Krystal Rampalli

Carley Rapone

Suzanne Rebillard

Sasha Reed

Jeff Richards

Yolanda Richardson

Mike Robson

Stephanie and Tom Roach

Robbins/McClure Family

Martha Robertson

Penny and Tom Romantic

Ally H. Rooks

Sue and Steve Ruoff

Steven and Carolann Saggese

Jaclyn Saksa

Noreen Saksa

The Salmon Family

Sandy Charitable Trust             

Valerie Saul

Steve Savage and Kristina Harrison

Suzanne Schappi

Susan Schattschneider and Jeffrey True

Wendy Seewald

Margaret Shackell-Dowell

Christopher Shehu

David Shmoys and Eva Tardos

Aleza and Michael Simons 

Amit and Kimberly Singh

John Sipple

Tom Skinner and Brian Payea

Michelle and Jeff Smith

Dean Smith

Elliot and Alison Smith

Deanna and Mike St. Denis

Robert Steere

Betty Steere

Wayne and Kristi Stokes

Diane Stooks

Linda Swarthout

Robert Swarthout

Aidan Swarthout

Ben Syer

Nancy Szary

Charlie and Heather Tallman

Paula Tarallo

Marisue and David Taube

Arthur Tauck and Fran Littin

Katie and Bruce Thompson

George Thomson

Nancy Toffolo

Sarah and Michael Tomei

Kaitlyn Tran

Sally True, Anthony Parise & Jennifer True Parise

Matt Ulinski and Laura Morgan          

Joseph T Vanini

Joy Veronneau

Conie VonBorstel

Tyler and Megan Wagenet

Richard Waite

Daniel Walker

John Warobick

Karen and Erik Westwig

Kara Wetzel

Janice Wetzel

Brad Wham

Deborah and Charles Whitehead

Jay Williamson

Frank Wise

Steve and Amy Yale-Loehr

Suan His Yong

Paul Zarach